.Hong Kong serves as an international fina

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offshore yuan hub, and the internationalizati

on of the yuan as a global investment curre▓ncy will reinforce the position.China has▓

vigorously promoted global use of the RMB as the world's largest trading nation looks t▓o lower transaction costs in international trade, which currently is mostly sett▓led in U.S. dollar.Last year, the IMF ▓de

cided to add the RMB to its Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency

basket, making it one of the five reserve c▓urrencies fully endorsed by the 188-member organization.The People's Bank of Chi▓na's latest report showed that by the end of 2015, the RMB had become the third most-▓used currency in cross

ssibility of the Chi

  • -border trade and financing. It was in fifth

    place among a▓ll currencies for use in internat▓ional payments and foreign exch

    ange trading▓.Tam expects more opportun

  • ities brought by the liberalization of the y

    uan's capital account in the future."Along with the▓ yuan's accession to the SD

    R, we will in the ne▓xt step focus on c

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